Senin, 14 Maret 2011

How to use the Camera?


Emma : Mona, do you know how to use this camera?
Mona : Yes, I do. Let me show you. First thing, always remember to take off the lens cap. Many people forget this simple thing and they end up missing the moment.
Emma : Okay. What should I do next?
Mona : Since it is a digital camera, make sure you turn on the camera. There is an on and off button over here. Press it and then green light will turn on.
Emma : Could you please repeat that again? What button should I press?
Mona : The on and off button. It is usually on the top right corner of the camera.
Emma : Okay.
Mona : Once the camera is ready, just point to whatever object you want to shoot. Make sure you have good focus.
Emma : How do I do that?
Mona : You have good focus when you look into your lens and the object is clear, not blurry.
Emma : Are there any button to zoom the picture?
Mona : Yes, in SLR you have to scroll the lens. But on digital camera you have to press the button on the top right corner of the camera. Beside the on and off button.
Emma : I get you.
Mona : Once more, don’t forget to check the batteries condition and external memory card. This is important thing you have to remember it too.
Emma : Okay, I will always check it. How do I know the battery condition is already low Mona?
Mona : Just look to the screen. If there’s a small picture of the green battery, it means your battery is still good. But if the color is red, the battery is already low.
Emma : Wow, you know everything about camera. But Mona, do you know how to take the picture. There are many buttons on the camera. I confuse.
Mona : Look to the top right of the camera, there are a circle button. Just press the button and you are done taking pictures.
Emma : Okay I get it. Well, what do you think about my new camera? This is my birthday present from my parents. I want to focus to my new hobby in photography.
Mona : Yeah, good camera. Is that Canon EOS 1000D? Well, you have to learn much more about camera. Just look all around you, you will have a great picture when you seriously point the object.
Emma : Yes, this is Canon EOS 1000D. Thank you so much. You’ve been very helpful.
Mona : You’re welcome. I’m glad to help.

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