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Hey ppl, this is our first post ---> Dialogue in Habor and Announcement

Nancy : Hey, Rosy! Long time no see, I miss you a lot!

Rosy : Hey Nancy! Miss you too

Nancy : How are you?

Rosy : I’m fine. Thank you! How are you? Where are you
going Nancy?

Nancy : I’m fine too. I’m going to Lampung, my grandpa is hospitalized. So I have to take care of my grandpa while my parents work.

Rosy : Is that true? I’m going to Lampung too! What ship would you take? Oh I’m so sorry for that. By the way, get well soon for your grandpa.

Nancy : Thank you Rosy. Wait, are you really we had a same destination? I take Star Ship II on 04.45 pm. How about you?

Rosy : Wow! Now we just have a same Ship! I take Star Ship II, too Nan. So, do you want to sit together with me in the ship? By the way, we don’t have more time, it’s 03.00 pm now!

Nancy : Wow how it could be happen? Great idea, I’d love to. But first we have to go to the security check Ros. Come on, we have to hurry!


Security : Good afternoon ladies, can I have your tickets?

Nancy&Rosy : Good afternoon, sir. There you go.

Security : Alright, (checking the tickets) It seems you’re tickets are okay. You can go inside the ship. But we have another security check, Do you have any hand baggage ?
Rosy: Yes, this is my hand baggage.
Security : Alright you can bring it, And now please give me you’re luggage bags. We will put it into the baggage. Are they overweight?
Rosy: My luggage bag isn’t overweight sir. There you go, you can put it into baggage.
Security: How about your luggage bag ma’am?
Nancy : I don’t really know sir, can you just re-scale this luggage bag? If they’re overweight, it’s because I have a lot things to bring, my grandfather is hospitalized sir.
Security: I’m sorry ma’am, but your luggage bag is overlimit. We just allow the luggage back maks. 25 kilos. But yours, is 27 kilos. If you want to bring your luggage bag, you have to leave some item in here. Or you just have to overpay the tax. Up to you ma’am.
Rosy : Oh please, sir. My friend is really really have an emergency time. Her grandpa is hospitalized! Please sir!
Nancy : Yes sir, we wil extra pay for you! Come on I don’t have much time sir.
Security : I’m so sorry ma’am, but this is my duty. I don’t want to be like Gayus or just receive the bribe money.
Nancy : Alright, sir. We are very sorry. I take the overpay tax. And now, where counter I have to pay it?
Security : It’s okay ma’am. In there, Do you see there is a blue board? That’s the counter. You just have to say that you’re luggage bag is overweight and they will give you a blue confirmation paper.
Rosy : How much she have to pay it sir?
Security : I don’t really know, maybe about Rp.200.000 until Rp.300.000 well, just ask them.
Nancy : It’s okay, thank you sir for your information.
Security : You’re welcome, ladies.
Rosy&Nancy : Good Afternoon sir!
Luggage tax officer : Good Afternoon ma’am, what can I do for you?
Nancy : I have a problem with my luggage bag. When we went to the security check, they said that my bag is overweight. Is it true? (giving the bag)
Luggage tax officer : Oh yes, they’re right. You’re bag is overweight. Your bag is 27 kilos. And our weight limit is 25 kilos.
Rosy : How much my friend can pay the overweight tax sir? Please hurry, we don’t have much time. Our ship is going to sail in 30 minutes from now.
Luggage tax officer : You have to pay Rp. 250.000 ma’am. But first, please fill this confirmation paper. This is important paper for your luggage bag. Because, if you lost this paper you cannot go sail by the ship.
Nancy : Alright, I will fill it. Wait a minute. (Fill the confirmation paper) Teher you go, I already filled the paper.
Luggage tax officer : (Recheck the paper) Soory ma’am you haven’t fill your name and signature!
Nancy : Is it true? Oh im so sorry, let me fill it!
Luggage tax officer : Alright, your confirmation paper is already fill. Now you have to pay the tax.
Nancy : There you go
Luggage tax officer : Okay, thankyou ma’am this is your blue confirmation paper. Have a nice sailing!
Rosy&Nancy : Welcome sir, Thank you!

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